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What is in the future of home computing?

With a quick search around the internet today, speculation is abundant regarding the future of home computing. One writer (four years ago) on Yahoo Answers addressed the question "what will computers be like in 70 years' time?" His response went so far as to suggest "[a level] of technology will allow so much storage space and computing power that I see computers integrated not just into daily life, but into our bodies directly. You won't carry a phone; you will have a phone/media center/gaming machine/social media tool made a part of you. They'll either be under the skin or laid on you like a nicotine patch. Assuming brain gate technologies increase in complexity as well, possibilities like user interfaces superimposed onto your vision, and audio set directly into your auditory centers of the brain will become very possible. What is in the future of home computing?

Other answers were less "Terminator-esque" and speculated on Moore's Law - which says that the processing speed on a computer chip doubles every 18 months. Computers will be faster than they are currently, but nota thousands of times faster. There will be more computer cores, and they will become much cheaper.

It's likely that most people will always like the tactile feel of a mouse and keyboard, so these will probably be present 100 years from now. Nanotechnology is another interesting concept related to the future of home computing. Nanotechnology has allowed us the ability to read data on high-density hard drives, paving the way for the 100-gigabyte hard drive standard in computers today.

As far as nanotechnology applies to the future of home computing, the limits of the way we currently make computer chips are not far off. There is a drive in electronics and computing to create chips with more and more transistors to increase their processing power.

According to the site nanoandme.org, Even the screens used on computers are being developed with carbon nanotube technology that will improve upon the color, the contrast and definition of other screen display technologies. This will allow for much thinner or even flexible display screens.

Another area that is getting a lot of research now is improved batteries for your laptop, phone, and other electronic devices. These improved batteries could get a full charge in just minutes, and their overall lifespan could be significantly increased.

Regardless of the direction, the future of home computing takes, the changes that are coming are super exciting and may quickly make technology as we now know it obsolete. Time to get ready for the future!

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