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How to tell if an email is from a legitimate source.

Your email should always be a secure way to communicate and keep precise, confidential records of communications. Unfortunately, however, that isn't always the case - and not even the government is safe from the reach of hackers. Recently, an Email hacker posed as White House officials to gain responses from staff including the newly-fired Anthony ScaramucciHow to tell if an email is from a legitimate source.

The hacker claimed no threatening motives, but the situation could have been much worse. So, how can you know that you're receiving an email from the actual person who appears to be sending it? The best way is to look for a few key characteristics of spoof emails. An expert in Computer Science, Dave Taylor answers it this way:

"On a message that's spoofed, the most common way you can tell that it's not legit is to look for "X headers" at the bottom of the email. Another way to tell is If a message doesn't get a Message-ID, then one of the email transport agents will automatically add it en route, but that's extraordinarily unusual and just about every email program that's legit (not for bulk mail or spamming) as a matter of good practice adds a Message ID in the standard format. That being missing is instantly highly suspicious. Also, the From: and Reply-To: should always match. That's another thing to examine: if you get a message "From" your friend, but the Reply-To is a different address, the second address might well be the sender and the "from" is just a spoofed value. Be suspicious."

Even with the above measures, some hackers are super savvy about getting things to look authentic to gain personal financial information from victims. When in doubt about whether or not to send money via instructions in an email from your bank, realtor or anyone else, reach out by phone and confirm the instructions and all routing and banking information. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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