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Can data be saved from a broken computer?

In this age of technology, at some point we've all been on our computers, working on something important and suddenly something happens. Can data be saved from a broken computer?  Either the battery finally dies, you spilled coffee all over the keyboard, or you get the dreaded blue screen of death, and everything you worked on is suddenly gone. Or even worse, especially with any of hardware damage or a blue/black screen, it could mean you just lost EVERYTHING on your computer - saved or not. What will you do?!? First, breathe. Even though your physical computer may be dead, the information inside is still salvageable.

A good word of advice to anyone reading this who has not yet experienced reviving information from a dead computer, backup EVERYTHING. Well, maybe not every last little thing, but at least the items you know are important and that you will need to have or use in the future. Companies like Apple and Google offer backups for documents, pictures, and other various files just in case something like this happens. But if you're not a cloud person and prefer saving everything to a good old fashioned hard drive, this is where it gets tricky.

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What is Best for Your Computer Shut Down or Sleep?

Most homes are trying to reduce power costs by turning off lights and appliances, but do the same rules apply to computers? What’s Best for Your Computer Shut Down or Sleep? After all, it requires more than flicking a switch on your way out the door. Some people believe you should shut down after every use to save wear and tear; others think you should never shut down your computer - ever. Others want to make sure the pages and apps they left open are still there waiting for them. So, who's right and what are they doing?

Back when computers were clunky behemoths that took a long time to start, you'd go nuts at the person who shut it down when it was your turn. If you have an older computer, maybe you still do. Modern computers have two options for their downtime: Shut down or sleep.

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How to make your photos last a lifetime.

Digital cameras are great, and thanks to smartphones, we have one with us almost all the time. How to make photos last a lifetime. We're taking more photos than ever before, and building a lifetime of digital data. But despite the enormous value of these photos and videos, most people don't have a backup. It's time to shine a light on this essential task and make it a regular habit before those precious memories are gone forever.

If you asked someone what possession they'd save from a house fire, most would say photos, and they'd make a point of grabbing a frame or album on the way out. But with digital images, you don't need a fire to lose everything; they could disappear in the blink of an eye with hardware failure or theft. There's no warning, no smoke alarm, and without a plan already in place, no chance to recover the data. It's time to get set up with a real backup system.

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Is your home Wi-Fi keeping up?

Wi-Fi has forever changed the way we live, work and play. Is your home wifi keeping up? We can surf the internet on the couch or by the pool, look up a recipe in an instant, and even connect our lights to voice control. It's no wonder it was accepted with open arms, but is your Wi-Fi as good as it needs to be?

Ten years after Wi-Fi first made its way into homes with those mysterious rabbit-eared boxes, it's evolved into a juggernaut of speed and accessibility that we can't do without. Think about how many wireless devices your home has - the average household has at least ten devices connected wirelessly to the internet, many have more.

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Top tech gifts for 2018.

2018 is coming to a close very soon, but it has brought with it some fantastic new technology over the last year. Top tech gifts of 2018.There are so many awesome tech gifts available this holiday season and many more not mentioned on our list! 

If you are looking for the latest and greatest, then this is for you!

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Straightforward answers, quick service, and a friendly smile! Simply... 5-Star, A-Plus customer service.

Jan Owens
January 31, 2019

These guys are the best. They are very knowledgeable and reasonably priced!

Monica Cockerham Kilburn
January 28, 2019

These guys are the best thing since sliced bread! They know their stuff and are reasonably priced!

Monica Kilburn
January 28, 2019

I had a hard drive go down on a piece of video equipment. Michael and Computer Corner had me up and running in just a few days (parts had to be ordered). Thank you Computer Corner!

Bryan Rudolph
January 18, 2019

My son owns a computer businness in NC so when we needed someone local, we got a recommendation for Computer Corner from a friend. I am more than pleased. I will recommend them in a heartbeat. They communicated the status of my computer to me by text and the work was done very fast and the turnaround would probably have been faster if it hadn't been Thanksgiving week.

Casey Todd
November 28, 2018

Best experience I've had with laptop repairs in Florida. Answered my many questions quickly, informed me of all of my options, and made sure I took home a well tuned machine. All repairs are costly no matter where you go, but at least you get what you pay for with the helpful staff here. As I type this, I'm planning another trip to see them.

Miss Hex
November 21, 2018

5 STARS Great service at reasonable prices. I will continue to be a customer.

Nancy Nzg Gates
October 18, 2018

They took care of my computer promptly! Removed all of the viruses that were on my system and upgrade it to make it run like the day I bought it. I would highly recommend Computer Corner!

Shelbie Dasilva
October 17, 2018

Lost audio on laptop after windows update. Pleased with service to restore and pricing. Very knowledgeable and personable in explaining to a Sr citizen.

Becky Johnson Howerton
October 15, 2018

Outstanding service. They recovered my computer when it had been hacked and wouldn't reboot. I lost nothing and they cleaned the mess from the hackers. Could ask for better service, and they are very reasonable. I'll go back to them again if I ever have any problems.

Eileen Upton
October 12, 2018