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The Future of Home Computers.

Computers have come in all different shapes and sizes. The future of home computers. What used to take up an entire room can now easily fit in someone's back pocket. Besides our phones and tablets, a home computer that has been an essential item in American homes over the past decade-plus. With all the advances in portable technology, what is the future of the home pc? Is it the end of desktop computers as we know it, or is there still a desirable fan base for the possibly nostalgic machines?

To answer that question, we have to remember the home computer's main goal which is connecting the user to the Internet. Of course, a home pc has many other qualities, but its top priority is that of connecting its consumers to everything else via the World Wide Web. As technology progressed, computers gained new tasks and purposes such as being used as a multimedia tool (making/playing movies, gaming, editing photos, etc.). This has made the home computer's main purpose sit on the back burner as other; more portable devices could connect consumers to the same exact internet.

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Are we backing up our devices properly?

By: Nicole Stevens

Absolutely everything is digitized nowadays, from family pictures to important documents; there is no limit to what a smart device can hold.AreWe Backing Up Info Properly? But even electronics still fail from time to time, and this could mean a loss of information if you're not cautious. This is why it never hurts to have backups of anything digitally important. But are we backing up our information properly? As you continue, you will find the top ways to backup your data, just in case.

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Do I Need To Update My Devices Every Time?

Nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of an important text or email on your phone, when you get a notification that it's time to update your device! Do I Need To Update My Devices Every Time? Most of us just go ahead and update and get it over with, sometimes with frustrating and regretful results. The rest of us simply swipe away the notification and get back to texting. All this raises an important question, is it essential to update my devices every time?

It is typically not a requirement to update certain operating systems unless a specific type of software calls for it. This would be the case in a Windows OS, an example being that some people still use Windows XP, but there have been many updates since that type of software was introduced. Their computers still run fine and cause no issue when it comes to accessing the internet and doing basic tasks and then some.

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Michael Frymier is the only one I would go to for my computer needs. Top notch, sincere service. Five Stars!!

November 11, 2012

An absolutely EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE. Very knowledgeable, easy to work with. I called, and then brought my Mac down to them, explained my problem, what I needed removed, and to revert to my original system OSX. They did exactly what i asked, called me in 48 hours, and I went in and picked it up. The total charge was $65.00 which is extremely reasonable compared to many other computer services that charge a diagnostic fee, and then start charging by the quarter hour to fix the problem. Michael and his staff were very courteous, the office is very neat and organized (unlike many others I have been in) and I could not be more pleased. It's a great service and I tell everyone I can to use them, you will not be disappointed, in fact, I know you will be pleasantly pleased, which is a great experience when dealing with computers. Thanks Computer Corner, and everyone working there.

Lynn L.
December 27, 2016

Michael fixed my problem with ease. He just took control and showed me what i missed. i know who my Geek Squad is! He really knows what he is doing and i can not complain at all. Well done! Thanks again Michael.

Brad Boston
July 13, 2012

Integrity, VERY helpful, cleaned up a scam for me. Easy to understand. Highly recommend. Always available when I call.

Linda M.
December 27, 2016