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iPhone vs Augmented Reality.

Have you ever gone out and enjoyed a new 3D movie and wish you could take the experience home with you? iPhone vs Augmented RealityAugmented reality makes that, well, a reality! Unlike virtual reality, where you can fly in the sky with birds, augmented reality lets you take a backseat and enjoy the birds zipping around you, rather than give you the feeling of flight. It's basically like a more interactive pop-up book that doesn't involve opening any books. Tech companies have been playing with this form of technology for years, and now a major player in the tech game has their sights set on this type of entertainment.

Apple has always been on the cutting edge of technology. If it's new, chances are they already have a prototype made before the information reaches the masses. But could an augmented reality product from Apple eventually become the death of the iPhone? According to expert Apple analyst, Gene Munster, it is part of the late Steve Jobs' plan of action. In a recent letter to clients, Munster has let it be known that an augmented reality device is next in line for Apple and that is may very well be the beginning of the end for the iPhone. "We believe that Jobs instilled the idea of innovation in Apple without the dogma of holding on to old markets that move away from you whether you like it or not", says Munster, "While Apple has yet to launch a product that cannibalizes the iPhone franchise, we believe that the company realizes that the smartphone as we know it won't last forever. To this end, we believe Apple continues to explore mixed reality and virtual reality, which in our opinion will be the future of computing."

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Our favorite things about Apple's High Sierra.

Apple High Sierra is here, and there are a lot of things we are excited about! First off, High Sierra is an updated version of Safari that Apple says that it will be the absolute quickest web browser - especially when it comes to the performance of JavaScript. Favorite things about Apple High Sierra.

Even more exciting, though, is the fact that Safari now also blocks auto-playing videos and uses machine learning to recognize and identify trackers. Safari then segregates and blocks these information gathering cross-site trackers so that now advertisers can't easily track you across sites you visit.

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What is in the future of home computing?

With a quick search around the internet today, speculation is abundant regarding the future of home computing. One writer (four years ago) on Yahoo Answers addressed the question "what will computers be like in 70 years' time?" His response went so far as to suggest "[a level] of technology will allow so much storage space and computing power that I see computers integrated not just into daily life, but into our bodies directly. You won't carry a phone; you will have a phone/media center/gaming machine/social media tool made a part of you. They'll either be under the skin or laid on you like a nicotine patch. Assuming brain gate technologies increase in complexity as well, possibilities like user interfaces superimposed onto your vision, and audio set directly into your auditory centers of the brain will become very possible. What is in the future of home computing?

Other answers were less "Terminator-esque" and speculated on Moore's Law - which says that the processing speed on a computer chip doubles every 18 months. Computers will be faster than they are currently, but nota thousands of times faster. There will be more computer cores, and they will become much cheaper.

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Minecraft from an 11 year old's perspective.

Have you ever heard of Minecraft? Minecraft is a video game which you can play on any device, for example, computers, televisions, phones, and even tablets. Everything in the game is blocks, and I mean everything! Minecraft from an 11 year old's perspective.

If you are playing on a computer, which most people do, you press W to walk forward, S to walk backward, A to walk left, and D to walk right. With a computer mouse, to click the left button on the mouse to do anything. For example, chopping wood, mining stone, or even just walking forward.

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What the new ISP privacy regulations mean for you

online privacyPresident Trump is expected to sign into law a decision by Congress to overturn new privacy rules for Internet service providers. The following is from an editorial released by NPR about what the new regulations mean for you:

Passed by the Federal Communications Commission in October, the rules never went into effect. If they had, it would have given consumers more control over how ISPs use the data they collect. Most notably, the rules would have required explicit consent from consumers if sensitive data — like financial or health information, or browsing history — were to be shared or sold.

These rules wouldn't have applied to the likes of Google or Facebook — massive data collectors and digital advertisers — and that has been a major point of contention for ISPs. But consumer groups argue that's no reason to roll back restrictions on Internet providers. Plus, they point out, you could abandon those companies for other websites if you disagree with their policies; switching Internet providers is not so easy.

For the average consumer, just about every site they visit online is sharing data with other ad networks, with other third parties, for the purpose of either measuring or targeting ads. ... Even most privacy organizations end up using Google Analytics or some other basic tools.

Now, what choices people have maybe has gotten a little bit more complicated. ... ISPs have historically played a very small role in (the ad targeting) market for a range of reasons. The most interesting and valuable data is search, social media data — and that is typically only available to the big portals that have that data. The ISPs don't have it if it's encrypted.

For better or worse, online data has been democratized, and there are third-party ad exchanges where anybody can show up and have access to a big swath of your Web surfing.

If you're  looking to disengage from the commercial world, it's hard to take advantage of much of the Web without being somewhat technically savvy.  If the new regulations allow ISPs broader latitude with how they can use your data, primarily for advertising and marketing uses, most there are tools available that a professional can help you access to turn off those functions.

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