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Top tech gifts for 2018.

2018 is coming to a close very soon, but it has brought with it some fantastic new technology over the last year. Top tech gifts of 2018.There are so many awesome tech gifts available this holiday season and many more not mentioned on our list! 

If you are looking for the latest and greatest, then this is for you!

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Should I upgrade to one of the latest iPhones?

With new iPhone models on their way including iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, now is a great time to look into Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program. Should I upgrade to the latest iPhone? iPhone carriers and Apple lets customers finance their iPhones with installment payments each month, and the Apple upgrade program lets customers upgrade each year to a new iPhone.

The program works by making you eligible for a free upgrade after half of your payments are made. So, if you agreed to pay your phone off over 24 months, you qualify for the upgrade after 12 months. The clock then starts again on the 24th month of payments.

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Ways To Make Your phone Battery Last Longer.

Have you ever had your phone battery die during the day at the worst possible time? Ways to make your phone battery last longer Phone batteries have gotten better over the years and usually last all day. If you are using it a lot and you are not near a charger you could find your phone running on fumes. If you don’t want that to happen, we recommend you to use our tips and tricks.

We all like to play on our phones when we are bored, but if you don't have access to a charger for a day you could kill the battery pretty quickly. One thing you can do to help your phone battery to last longer is using it less. Only use it at necessary times, like making essential calls or taking the perfect picture if you know you won't be near a charger for the next several hours.

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How Refurbished Computers Save You a Bunch (and Get You a Better System).

Refurbished computers are almost like an insider secret - you can get great system specs for a fraction of the price. How refurbished computers save you money.It's how many families are meeting their back to school needs and upgrading their old systems, complete with warranty.

There's one hot tip these people know: a refurb is NOT the same as used. You're right to avoid those 2nd hand computers you see on Craigslist or Gumtree because there's a reason that person is selling it! It's probably slowed to a crawl, making weird noises or flat out broken in a way you'd never discover until too late. Refurbished computers are the complete opposite. They're computers that have been given a new life, usually with a comprehensive repair, or sometimes they're brand-new computers that were returned with a small problem like a hard drive failure, so we swap it out and sell it at bargain prices. Occasionally, the computer was even returned merely because the buyer changed their mind, but it's still essentially brand-new (it might still be in the box!).

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How does remote IT support work?

These days it's good to be somewhat savvy with technology. How does remote IT support work?  Though in some cases, it takes more than turning it off and on again to fix an issue with your computer system. If you've ever worked for any large company, you've probably had to deal with IT before. But what happens when it's a small company, or maybe your own business, and you run into a snag in your tech? Here is where remote IT support comes in.

What exactly is remote IT support and how does it work?

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What Others Say About Computer Corner

My son owns a computer businness in NC so when we needed someone local, we got a recommendation for Computer Corner from a friend. I am more than pleased. I will recommend them in a heartbeat. They communicated the status of my computer to me by text and the work was done very fast and the turnaround would probably have been faster if it hadn't been Thanksgiving week.

Casey Todd
November 28, 2018

Best experience I've had with laptop repairs in Florida. Answered my many questions quickly, informed me of all of my options, and made sure I took home a well tuned machine. All repairs are costly no matter where you go, but at least you get what you pay for with the helpful staff here. As I type this, I'm planning another trip to see them.

Miss Hex
November 21, 2018

5 STARS Great service at reasonable prices. I will continue to be a customer.

Facebook User
October 18, 2018

They took care of my computer promptly! Removed all of the viruses that were on my system and upgrade it to make it run like the day I bought it. I would highly recommend Computer Corner!

Shelbie Dasilva
October 17, 2018

Lost audio on laptop after windows update. Pleased with service to restore and pricing. Very knowledgeable and personable in explaining to a Sr citizen.

Facebook User
October 15, 2018

Outstanding service. They recovered my computer when it had been hacked and wouldn't reboot. I lost nothing and they cleaned the mess from the hackers. Could ask for better service, and they are very reasonable. I'll go back to them again if I ever have any problems.

Eileen Upton
October 12, 2018

Great service, fixed my computer when it had been hacked and I couldn't even boot it back up. Couldn't ask for better service. They recovered my system and got rid of all the stuff the hackers had put onto my computer. Recommend highly

Facebook User
October 12, 2018

Took my computer there for repairs. They ended up having to order parts but kept in contact with me, keeping me updated and then even offered to upgrade my operating system for free. Great customer service and very friendly and helpful staff.

Amy Wood
September 20, 2018

Took my computer there to get it fixed and they kept in touch with me because they needed to order parts. Got it all fixed and called to offer me a free upgrade of my software as well. Great customer service and even followed up with me afterwards to make sure everything was running well. :)

Facebook User
September 20, 2018

We had an excellent remote-access session with Michael, for some overdue housekeeping on both our Mac and PC. Really appreciated finding a resource for general "IT guy" chores, since becoming self-employed vs. company-provided IT support. It seems that most businesses of this kind are focused on repairs or contracting for a large business. That's all fine, but sometimes home-based businesses just need an expert to do software-related maintenance. Computer Corner was flexible enough to provide what we needed. Will definitely call them again in the future.

Marcus Worthington
September 12, 2018