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Laptop vs tablet, which is right for me?

So you are shopping for a new portable computer. laptop vs tablet, which is better? Tablets and laptops have come a long way in recent years. Sometimes tablets have the same functions as a laptop, even equipped with a removable keyboard. Because they each deliver specialized experiences specific to their users, laptops, and tablets are popular among changing demographics and groups.

Laptops are generally characterized as mobile personal computers. Laptops let you perform all of the tasks you perform on your desktop but in a more mobile, compact way. While laptops have gotten smaller and lighter over the years, they've made tremendous strides regarding performance, power, and functionality.

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The Future of Home Computers.

Computers have come in all different shapes and sizes. The future of home computers. What used to take up an entire room can now easily fit in someone's back pocket. Besides our phones and tablets, a home computer that has been an essential item in American homes over the past decade-plus. With all the advances in portable technology, what is the future of the home pc? Is it the end of desktop computers as we know it, or is there still a desirable fan base for the possibly nostalgic machines?

To answer that question, we have to remember the home computer's main goal which is connecting the user to the Internet. Of course, a home pc has many other qualities, but its top priority is that of connecting its consumers to everything else via the World Wide Web. As technology progressed, computers gained new tasks and purposes such as being used as a multimedia tool (making/playing movies, gaming, editing photos, etc.). This has made the home computer's main purpose sit on the back burner as other; more portable devices could connect consumers to the same exact internet.

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Are we backing up our devices properly?

By: Nicole Stevens

Absolutely everything is digitized nowadays, from family pictures to important documents; there is no limit to what a smart device can hold.AreWe Backing Up Info Properly? But even electronics still fail from time to time, and this could mean a loss of information if you're not cautious. This is why it never hurts to have backups of anything digitally important. But are we backing up our information properly? As you continue, you will find the top ways to backup your data, just in case.

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Michael did an absolutely fantastic job cleaning up my computer. All adware/spyware is gone - and I swear it's faster than when it was brand new! He completed the job as promised on time and his rates are very reasonable. I would highly recommend Computer Corner!

Diana Lewis
January 6, 2014

Amazing young man. Very understanding that many people find anything computer related to be very daunting. Has a knack for explaining what is wrong, and never making me, the customer, feel stupid.

Marcella Y.
December 27, 2016

Michael, you have done a fabulous job every time I bring my computer to you. Not only were you able to get viruses out of it, you were able to save important data and programs when the mother board went out. You always keep me informed of the progess/status of the work you perform on it, and you are reasonably priced! I highly recommend you for service and repair! Thanks again for the job well done!

August 29, 2012

Michael fixed my problem with ease. He just took control and showed me what i missed. i know who my Geek Squad is! He really knows what he is doing and i can not complain at all. Well done! Thanks again Michael.

Brad Boston
July 13, 2012