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Beware These Social Media Scams.

Huntington Volvo? Beware These Social Media Scams. Leesburg, Florida. The Villages, Florida.Rowe Subaru? What will your hilarious quiz results be when you enter your fourth-grade teacher’s name and first model of car? You may think it’s silly entertainment … until it isn’t. Many fun social media questionnaires are set up by hackers to steal your identity.

It seems like a harmless collection of random facts from your past. These quizzes might ask for details such as:

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Medical Industry Ransomware - Are You Prepared for a Potential Threat?

ransomwareDefending your network is more critical than ever.

The rise of ransomware over the past few years is an ever-growing problem that has quickly become an extremely lucrative criminal enterprise. Targeted organizations often believe that paying the ransom is the most cost-effective way to get their data back — and, unfortunately, this may also be the reality.

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Everything We Know About Apple AR.

Augmented reality is changing the gaming world in leaps and bounds. Everything about the Apple Glasses. Leesburg, Florida It gives the user a feeling of actually being in the game and not just viewing it on a TV screen. The user can get a 360-degree view of everything going on around them in the game. Every year this kind of technology improves just a little. It won't be long until we all have a coveted Star Trek-like holodeck in our own living rooms...well, almost.

The rumors started flying around in 2017 that Apple was working on their own version of AR. Although AR has been around for quite some time, people are pretty excited about Apple coming out with their own version. The difference between Apple's system and others is that this will be a lightweight pair of glasses paired with the user's iPhone instead of a clunky headset.

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Why Computer Repair Is Best Left to Experts.

Many of us have one solution to try when something goes wrong with our computers: turn it off and back on again. Why you should leave computer repair to experts. Leesburg, FloridaWhen that doesn't work, we panic: "How am I supposed to do anything?" People often turn to a friend or family member for help at the moment. But computer repair is better left to experts.

Calling tech support (if that's an option) can be time-consuming and frustrating. So, people turn to the nearest teenager or that cousin with all the latest technological gadgets. Think of it this way, though: Driving a car doesn't mean you can fix one. Having many cars doesn't show the owner knows what to do when one of those vehicles breaks down.

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Can Apple computers get viruses?

Many Apple owners believe their Macintosh computers are immune to viruses. Can Mac computers get viruses? Leesburg, FloridaApple itself has run ad campaigns promising its computers “don’t get viruses.” And those who have owned a Mac for years, decades even, are particularly prone to believing. After all, nothing’s happened to them yet. Regrettably, Macs do get viruses, and the threat is growing.

For a long time, the argument was that cybercriminals didn’t bother to develop Mac viruses. There weren’t enough users to justify the effort. Instead, they’d focus on the lower hanging fruit – PCs running Windows.

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