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How Refurbished Computers Save You a Bunch (and Get You a Better System).

Refurbished computers are almost like an insider secret - you can get great system specs for a fraction of the price. How refurbished computers save you money.It's how many families are meeting their back to school needs and upgrading their old systems, complete with warranty.

There's one hot tip these people know: a refurb is NOT the same as used. You're right to avoid those 2nd hand computers you see on Craigslist or Gumtree because there's a reason that person is selling it! It's probably slowed to a crawl, making weird noises or flat out broken in a way you'd never discover until too late. Refurbished computers are the complete opposite. They're computers that have been given a new life, usually with a comprehensive repair, or sometimes they're brand-new computers that were returned with a small problem like a hard drive failure, so we swap it out and sell it at bargain prices. Occasionally, the computer was even returned merely because the buyer changed their mind, but it's still essentially brand-new (it might still be in the box!).

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How does remote IT support work?

These days it's good to be somewhat savvy with technology. How does remote IT support work?  Though in some cases, it takes more than turning it off and on again to fix an issue with your computer system. If you've ever worked for any large company, you've probably had to deal with IT before. But what happens when it's a small company, or maybe your own business, and you run into a snag in your tech? Here is where remote IT support comes in.

What exactly is remote IT support and how does it work?

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Is my smart TV spying on me?

With today's technology advancing at a rapid pace, we have smart gadgets all over our home, cars, pockets and even our wrist. Is your smart TV spying on you?  It is no surprise that many Americans have invested in smart TVs to make their viewing even better and easier to command. What is a surprise is the rumors that these smart TVs could be spying on you, and even more surprising is that it is true!

These devices are not just tracking what you are watching on Netflix; it is reported that cameras and microphones in specific brands are secretly turning on and watching and listening to you. For example, the Vizio Smart LED TV and Samsung Smart TV models have been collecting data in this way.

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Laptop vs tablet, which is right for me?

So you are shopping for a new portable computer. laptop vs tablet, which is better? Tablets and laptops have come a long way in recent years. Sometimes tablets have the same functions as a laptop, even equipped with a removable keyboard. Because they each deliver specialized experiences specific to their users, laptops, and tablets are popular among changing demographics and groups.

Laptops are generally characterized as mobile personal computers. Laptops let you perform all of the tasks you perform on your desktop but in a more mobile, compact way. While laptops have gotten smaller and lighter over the years, they've made tremendous strides regarding performance, power, and functionality.

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What Others Say About Computer Corner

Michael, you have done a fabulous job every time I bring my computer to you. Not only were you able to get viruses out of it, you were able to save important data and programs when the mother board went out. You always keep me informed of the progess/status of the work you perform on it, and you are reasonably priced! I highly recommend you for service and repair! Thanks again for the job well done!

August 29, 2012

Michael did an absolutely fantastic job cleaning up my computer. All adware/spyware is gone - and I swear it's faster than when it was brand new! He completed the job as promised on time and his rates are very reasonable. I would highly recommend Computer Corner!

Diana Lewis
January 6, 2014

Michael the owner is extremely knowledgeable. We hired them about a month ago and I don't think there is a thing about computers and networking he doesn't know haha. He moved us over to google servers for our email and it has helped a lot. We don't have the spam and other issues we were having. That was great that he suggested and implemented that. Two thumbs up for Computer Corner.

Trevor B.
December 27, 2016

Michael, thank you for your prompt, pleasant, and reliable attention. Your ability to search out and repair our computer problems is amazing. My entire family depends on your expertise for our desktops, laptops, printers and connecting issues. You rock!

Mrs. Dori
August 4, 2011